YUAN Demonstration Multipurpose Capture Devices on Computex 2017
Taipei, Taiwan - June 23, 2017 -

At computex 2017, YUAN High-Tech Development had demonstrated portable streaming server, analog high definition series, including education, surveillance and medical field and latest artificial intelligence demonstration.

SC6C0N1 M 4G - Portable Streaming Server
Portable signal streaming box SC6C0N1 M 4G, which provides HDMI/3G-SDI video input interface up to 1080P60 and 4G-LTE/Wifi/Ethernet streaming feature, it also contains internal battery and USB interface for local recording, with its internal battery, SC6C0N1 M 4G can provide up to 3 hours video transfer without AC adapter.
We also design many streaming server, which covers from tiny streaming server SC6C0N1 Mini, this also provides HDMI / 3G-SDI streaming and Wifi / Ethernet streaming feature; for those who using legacy equipments user, we also designs SC6C0N1 AIO (4G), which provides additional DVI-I / YPbPr / CVBS interfaces.

4K Capture Card

With YUAN’s 4K ultra high definition product lines, users can support HDMI2.0/HDMI1.4b/6G-SDI/Quad-Link 3G SDI interfaces.

For modern UHD usage scenario, in commercial side YUAN had provided HDMI2.0 and HDMI1.4b for user to capture 4Kp60 or 4Kp30 video.

In professional field, here are two kinds of 4K interfaces available in our product line. 6G-SDI interface can afford 4Kp30 video transfer in a single link SDI cable and Quad-Link 3G-SDI is suitable for older 4K equipments and provided 60fp/s video capture.

For SFF or mini PC, we also provide SC560N1 M2 HDMI for customers to capture 4Kp30 video in M2-2280 interface/Size.

Education and Surveillance

We also provide various interface of capture card target to special purpose, especially for education and medical.

In education, we have SD and HD capture card up to 8 channels with well integrated SDK, this makes our customers can customize their application and integrated our capture card into original system more easily.


In medical field, we had provide several MiniCard/M.2/PCIe 104 interface capture cards for user to integrated into tablet PC or SFF(Small form factor) PC; with our compact capture board, OEM customers can have more tolerance to arrange their layout and design a more small platform.

About YUAN

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