YUAN Traffic Flow Control, Face Recognition, Human Keypoint Analysis Demonstration on 2018 Security China
Beijing, China - Oct. 22, 2018 -

YUAN, as an elite manufacturer of video capture card, has implemented various Artificial Intelligence function APIs and developed QDEEP SDK upon the firm basis of QCAP SDK, assisting our customers to empower their software with video content detection and analysis aside from applications video capturing, recording and streaming.
聰泰科技,身為台灣的頂尖影像擷取卡廠商,在推出影像擷取卡之餘,更將近來蓬勃發展的各項人工智慧功能加入影像擷取卡中,協助客戶在影像擷取錄影及串流應用外,更能分析辨識影像內容;同時在既有的QCAP SDK基礎上,發展出人工智慧的QDEEP SDK軟體開發包,提供豐富多樣化的AI演算法,便於使用者自主開發其所需的應用程式。

2018 Security China, YUAN presents a series of AI applications particularly on road transportation, such as acquiring road and traffic condition, types of vehicles and traffic flows. We have proven AI technology is a powerful aid to smart city projection and traffic control.
而在本次參展,聰泰科技針對道路運輸,提出一系列的AI應用: 確認道路路況、車輛種類與車流量等等;讓人工智慧成為交通控管與智慧城市規劃上的強大幫手。

Moreover, AI application in educational field optimizes the cost of campus security and saves lecturers from extra spending much efforts on class administration. With the aid of facial recognition, data of attendance, emotional reactions, class engagement are quantifiable and recognizable for efficient administration.

Combining NVIDIA Tegra TX2, Tesla P4 and YUAN QDEEP SDK, users are able to carry out the analysis at the local edge PC and return result of data analysis that originally is done at servers. The practice saves the cost of data transmission and storage, meanwhile, brings convenience and flexibility to hardware deployment.
而在NVIDIA Tegra TX2 和 Tesla P4 與聰泰的SDK下,使用者更可以將原本位於伺服器端的影像分析改為由本地端PC進行分析且回傳數據結果,如此一來便可省下資料傳輸費用及大量資料儲存的成本,同時在佈署上也更為便捷。

About Chinese Public Security Expo

Chinese Public Security Expo (a.k.a Security China) is a technology-based exhibition sanctioned by PRC Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Commerce, hosted by China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA).
中國國際社會公共安全產品博覽會Security China(簡稱“安博會”)是由中華人民共和國公安部、商務部批准,中國安全防範產品行業協會主辦的科技型展會。

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