VDoIP Converter Box Series
Taipei, Taiwan - Oct. 22, 2018 -

YUAN has introduced the VDoIP product line based on SDVOE specification to meet the increasing demands from our customers to transmit uncompressed and undelayed 4K video content via IP network.

VDoIP product family supports transmitting uncompressed 4K video and controlling signal via IP network or fiber optic network. The transmitting distance of 4K video signal on traditional coaxial cables is able to reach 100m, and on single mode fiber optic cables the signal can be transmitted over a distance of 30km.
本系列產品線可以讓4K無失真影音與控制訊號等藉由網路或光纖進行傳輸;其可於傳統銅軸網路線上傳輸100公尺,更可於單模(Single Mode)光纖線上傳輸4K影音訊號達30公里。

The design of ultra-low latency of VDoIP product to only 30µs offers user the convenience of mutual timely communication. VDoIP family also supports multiple data transfer interfaces (USB, IR, RS232 etc.), customers can therefore apply VDoIP product family in markets such as video wall, KVM, remote multi-screen controller and switcher.

Besides the aforementioned specification, VDoIP products offer other functions such as display sync, bezel correction, seamless switch etc. to ensure correct video output display and stable switching, providing our customers efficiency while using our products.

Multi to IP
IP to HDMI2.0
♦ 4K Models coming soon. 即將提供4K支援款式。
Features 功能
Display Sync 螢幕同步
Bezel Correction 螢幕邊框校正
Seamless Switch 無縫切換
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