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Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 12, 2019 -

With YUAN’s many years of experiences in surveillance market and gone through generations of products from SD, HD to 4K, we now present our customers SC700 models in response to rising needs of 4:4:4 10bit HDR and low latency from broadcasting market.
聰泰科技以其監控市場多年經驗,在歷經了自SD、HD到4K等多種世代產品後,有鑑於廣電市場上對於 4 : 4 : 4 10Bit、HDR、低延遲等需求,開發了最新的SC700系列。

RGB / YUV 444

RGB / YUV 4 : 4 : 4 capturing brings better image quality.
RGB / YUV 444 擷取可以帶來更精準的畫質。

10 Bit

10bit color space capturing achieves smoother color gradient.
支援10 Bit 色彩擷取,可以達成平順的色彩漸層。


HDMI2.0 HDR standard support, complete capture of HDR video.
支援HDMI 2.0 HDR 標準,針對HDR格式可以完整擷取。

Low Latency

Zero latency during capturing, completely synchronous with input video.

Low Power

Integrated chip consumes much lower power and comes in smaller size.


We also demonstrate SC700N1 AIO, SC710N1 HDMI and SC710N1 M2 HDMI at ISE 2019 ( booth 8-M175 ) and Embedded World ( booth 2-428 ), please follow official website for booth location and more information.

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