SC350N1-L 3D
Taipei, Taiwan - May. 28, 2019 -

For traditional SD analog signals, YUAN has now introduced the latest Standard Definition Interfaced ( CVBS/S-Video ) video capture card, SC350N1-L 3D. Comparing to other capture cards in the market, SC350N1-L 3D is specifically integrated with 3D comb filter, obtaining clearer and more stable resolution by the technique of 3D Y/C separator. As usual, YUAN integrates the new model SC350N1-L 3D into the powerful SDK and provides latest drivers for users to operate on different OS.
針對傳統的標清類比訊號,聰泰科技推出全新支援標清介面 ( CVBS,S-Video ) 的影像擷取卡,SC350N1-L 3D,其相較一般坊間影像擷取卡,其特別整合了3D梳型濾波器,透過3D Y/C分離影像處理技術,獲取更清晰穩定的畫質,除了一如既往地整合了功能強大的SDK外,更支援了最新的驅動程式,可讓使用者於多種平台上安裝使用。

Slim and Short
3D Y/C Seperation
3D Y/C 分離
Ultra-Low Latency
Good Video Quality, Sharp Image
Software Development Support
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